Our baby in white perches on a red-cushioned bench in this colorized version of an old photo by Carney's Photo Colouring.


Baby in White


art photo print




8" X 10"

Joyful piano music of Mike Sadler kicks off our celebration of this perfect creature, this baby in white, pure as the driven snow. “You are wonderful,” the lilting piano sings! “Sit! Enjoy your warm knit bonnet, your mittens, your snug winter suit. Were you just out to play? Or perhaps you are just ready to go!” Our color restoration of a 19th century photograph features the baby girl sitting atop the left side of an upholstered Victorian bench. The bench is rather angular and the legs surprisingy plain for what might be expected of the period. Perhaps this suggests a family of more modest means. The baby’s expression is magically attentive, curious, and perhaps a tiny bit nervous. After all, she didn’t dress for this snapshot, but to play! The music assures that the romp in the snow is imminent for our little white angel. There is something magical about the restoration of an old photograph – it is the restoration, the clarification of an old memory, in this case, and thankfully, a happy one. There is something about experiencing this art photo with such spirited music that gives us full permission, and fully enables us, to embrace and be embraced by our baby in white. Carney’s Photo Colouring of Rockingham, Western Australia, offers photo restorations to buy, including the snowflake before us.

Carney’s Colour Photo Creations starts with original vintage black and white photos which meet exacting quality standards. These are high resolution scanned and then artistically colorized. Baby in White is offered as a art photo print or a high resolution download. The file may be used for your own commercial projects with a source credit to the artist.


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