Harrisburg, PA's Wildwood Park offers a colorful display of leaf-decked trees surrounding a central marsh busy with waterfowl.


Autumn At Wildwood


gallery mount with easel




7" X 5"

Winding around the central marshes of the Wildwood Nature Conservancy is a tree sheltered and hilly hiker/biker path. Every now and then, and unexpectedly, you will emerge from a wooded portion of the path into a gorgeous view of the nature preserve’s central marshes. And without calling upon too much additional good fortune, you will discover a loon, or egret, or heron, and countless smaller birds, posing along the shores or flitting upon the surface of the water. The hum of insects, especially on a hot summer day, is something akin to a loud alternating electric current. Chirping and screeching offer soprano and tenor layers to the bass drone.

The effect of photographing this scene is to create an emphasis on the stillness of the scene and the warmth of autumn’s gently changing colors. But this emphasis belies a co-existing reality of unseen energies and activities – the ecosystem busily engaged. Here the audio steps in to complete the story. Composer Dan Goldstein uses synth sounds to simulate insects buzzing, frogs croaking, birds screeching, in a blended way which speaks of the active system in play. Goldstein contemplates, for an extended audio track, what a wildlife midnight dance might sound like in these Harrisburg marshlands.

We think photographer Shelley Neff’s capture of the Wildwood Nature Conservancy is a wonderful entry into the greeting card collection. The rich yellows and oranges sweep fully across the card. The product is an art piece in its own right – beautiful imagery on a large, linen-finished greeting card. We invite you to click over to the Midisparks Art Shop and place your order. You can discover there the complete line of Midisparks fine art greeting cards.


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