A brown and green abstract digital painting by Greek artist Elize Kaisserlidou available as a art photo print.




art photo print




7" X 5"

Composer and artist Elize Kaisser presents her green abstract, ‘AbstractLovgreen’. What is it about the paintings of composers that might be considered uniquely related to the fact of their being composers? Quite possibly nothing, but speculation on the question makes for a great blog post.

A look at composer Elize Kaisser’s green abstract offers an opportunity to theorize on the question of uniqueness in the visual creations of musical composers. Elize chooses just a few colors for her digital painting – greens, browns, yellows. The green colors the general canvas in the same way that a synth pad frequently provides the general background or ambience in many tracks. And even as that synth pad subtly morphs, so do Elize’s greens morph into green-yellows and even green-blues. What about Elize’ brown bits then? The lines and patches of brown are applied to the canvas as a solo instrument over the foundational synth pad. And as a solo tells the musical story, creates the dramatic narrative, so these applications of brown seem in motion. They wave up and down.

This sense of motion in Elize’ painting is subtle. The brown may not immediately suggest to us the energy of movement. But our artist is also our composer, and she gives us a little sonic push towards a livelier interpretation of the art. Her music is upbeat, even a little jazzy. It encourages us to look for the light in this painting. It encourages us to connect with active energy in the painting.

We are happy to offer AbstractLovgreen as a 7″ X 5″ art photo print. Don’t forget that USA shipping is always free!


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