A colorful watercolor painting of three A-frame houses half hidden by green and yellow and red bushes by artist ViVaDa.


Curious Houses


art photo print




16" X 11"

A-frame houses are nestled comfortably behind shrubbery in greens and reds and purples and yellows.  Windows of sky blue panes suggest more stylish solar panels than views out.  The choice of salmon pink for the facades is fanciful, mostly involved in a gentle mix with foreground greens and blooms.

The audio track by Dan Goldstein offers a gentle nature ambience of chirping bird and croaking frog.  Layered upon this, and a subtly tripping bassline, a relaxed flute sings a happy song of harmony between house and tree.

Prints of the painting are available.  Please drop a line if interested to midisparks@yahoo.com.


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