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Elize K, is a songwriter composer and artist on digital art.

Midisparks Art Sales is fortunate to have several projects on the site featuring the music of Elize Kaisser, composer.

Elize recently completed a new CD featuring, as always, her alluring, smoky mezzo, her romantic keyboard artistry, and her rich sonic mixes. Several tracks include live saxophone.

We especially love Elize' voice as a sensuous layer, a velvety texture added into her tracks. In "Laid Back Love" we have a lush example, with her vocal sweeps adding color and personality to her sound blends. The track is also notable for the variety of keyboard sound patches blended so tastefully. This same effective use of her voice as one of several instruments well-blended is wonderfully evident in "Dream Guitar" and "Sound of Impressions."

But we also equally enjoy Elize' pure classical piano tracks, which we could listen to endlessly. Her playing is always rhythmically solid, but at the same time fluid and expressive. We hear the welcome influences of romantic composers such as Rachmaninoff, and impressionists such as Debussy. "Cinematic" offers a nice introduction to Elize' romantic keyboard style.
Elize Kaisser Artwork for Sale

Midisparks offers several photographic prints of colorized photos by Elize. The rich, romantic textures of her music juxtaposed against her visual abstractions creates a uniquely engaging effect. You can discover Elize Kaisser, composer through her Midisparks profile page.

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