Music For Art: What the Audio Sees

Music For Art: What the Audio Sees

The reasonable amongst us assert that music and visual art each have their place on the entertainment spectrum, separate and distinct. The unreasonable, on the other hand, open to the notion that listening to music while viewing visual art can actually enhance our experience of paintings and photographs. Well – that’s the story of our website and we are sticking to it, so on we blog.

Audio can emphasize less obvious or secondary aspects of an image and in that way create alternate narratives or moods for the visual work. Byleth’s expressive track for Shelley Neff’s night blooming crocus photo ‘Purple Haze’ and Pete Tebar’s eerie track for artist ViVaDa’s watercolor painting ‘Ravine 6’ both develop a mood and a narrative which emphasize secondary, or perhaps only implied, subjects in the image.

Byleth’s track is suspenseful and otherworldly, unexpected characteristics for Shelley’s beautiful night blooming crocuses. But there is something unnatural also about Shelley’s treatment. First, the closeup creates a larger-than-life effect – perhaps these are really flowers from some other planet. Secondly, the black background gives the impression that these flowers emerge from space itself. They seem disconnected from the natural environment.

In artist ViVaDa’s abstraction of a ravine, we enjoy the light pastel colors and the riverbed apparently flowing with pure white light. We perhaps behold something idyllic, some magical transformation of a natural formation into an inviting tunnel which leads us to connection and ultimate absorption into some G-dly goodness.Ravine Variation 6 by Karsten Thole

Again, our composer Pete Tebar challenges us with a very different take. Pete’s track opens with effects that imply something hidden from us. Perhaps something lurks behind the shadowy trees which could harm us. With the quickening groove, we are drawn on the inevitable journey along the bed of the ravine, following the stream of light toward its mysterious source. But if at the end of our sojourn we have stepped into that light, the audio offers no certainty that it was for our good. Rather, there is ambiguity. There is a distinct possibility that we have simply lost ourselves to no better end.

The emphases and narratives which audio can offer to enrich our experience of art linger long in the subconscious for those of us fortunate enough to acquire originals or prints of these visual pieces. We encourage you to explore the projects in depth and to experience the audio with them. Of course we hope you will be guided then over to the art shop where outstanding quality art photo prints are available for purchase. To that end, we hope our 15% off New Customer Discount will offer some incentive for your first buy.

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