Mona is Skeptical about the Midisparks Creative Collaboration

Mona is Skeptical about the Midisparks Creative Collaboration

I am trying to get a handle on just what constitutes the creative collaboration at Audio Sparks for Art. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the site is looking good these days. A new logo is coming on line. Webmaster Dan has finally put together a basic sales scheme. But collaboration? Really?

The way it looks to me, Dan is basically knocking on the doors of artists to solicit some interest in presenting on the site. The music of course is a selling point. Now the possibility of sales on the site may be an additional draw. When our dear webmaster gets a bite from an artist, he either writes an audio track himself or asks one of his composer friends to write one. Then Lolita Vampiress cranks out a bit of narrative. Well, okay, on some basic level I guess there is collaboration, insofar as there are contributions from artist, composer, and blogger. But for heaven’s sake, these people NEVER speak to one another! (editor’s note: Mona – I know for a fact that one of our artists sent a thank you message to one of her composers!)(Mona’s note back: that is nice, Dan, but completely NOT what i am talking about!).

I understand, practically speaking, that it is unlikely our composers and artists would plan in advance the kind of art and music they will create together. It seems we will mostly start with existing art in search of music. But I believe Dan’s hope for the site, over time, is that artists will discover composers and dialogue with them in advance about the kind of music they would be interested in for their works. I think the site hopes that guest bloggers will join in Lolita’s conversation about relationships between music and art. The conversation, after all, is mission critical. We really want the composers to be thinking critically and creatively about how music best serves the art on this site, and for that matter motivates art sales on this site.

Finally, we hope the community forming on this site will enter into promotional collaborations on behalf of the artists. I hear that if Dan actually starts selling pieces with some regularity, he might consider a commission sharing incentive for composers and bloggers who actively promote their projects and generate sales.

I can tell you one thing – there are some artists on this site who are cute as hell! That, and a few decent presentations, is keeping your Mona’s smile in the game.

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