Can Creative Community Drive Online Art Sales?

Can Creative Community Drive Online Art Sales?

You would think with her twinkling eyes and warm smile, that Mona was the “glass half full” type. But honestly, I am beginning to wonder! Webmaster Dan asked us to take a look at analytics to identify a metric that might suggest that visitor engagement on the site is improving and better driving online art sales. It seems the average site visit in the past few months lasts around 6 minutes. This compares to an average visit time 9 months ago of about 4 minutes. That sounds like deeper engagement to me, right? But not according to my dear Mona.

Mona thinks we should discount time spent on the site by the content providers – the artists, composers, bloggers. After all, they are not the potential customers right? They are building the projects for the customers. We need to demonstrate that potential customer engagement on the site has improved. Unless we can demonstrate the same improvement in the visit time metric exclusive of our dear content providers, we can’t conclude that viewer engagement and associated online art sales have improved.

Well, maybe white labs wear rose-colored glasses, but I think Mona has it wrong on several counts. First off, it is entirely possible that our content providers also represent potential art customers. So why discount their activity on the site? More importantly, engagement with the Music and Art project is more often than not but one part of the total visitor experience that leads to a sale. Without doubt as important as actual involvement with the art is the relationship that has formed or is forming with the potential customer and the website. Content providers are without question extensions of the website. If they are engaging on the site, with each other, and with their own fans through sharing, they are serving as critical relationship builders for the site and facilitating sales.

It is this creative community of interest around the Music and Art projects which creates the unique selling team and selling edge at Midisparks Art Sales.

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