Audio Painting the Drum

We are very excited at Audio Sparks for Art to be developing audio for the Musical Instruments (Acrylic on Vinyl) series by artist and musician Holly Jackson. Holly is an engaging new member in our community and has taught us a thing or two about applying acrylic to vinyl!

Audio painting for Holly’s musical instruments presents some interesting challenges. One would think that instrumentation choices, at least, would be fairly straight forward. This has proven to be true up to a certain point. Consider Holly’s “Drum” painting, which represents a collection of tom-toms, bongos and bass drums with sticks in the middle. The percussion instruments are all equal sized and painted around the perimeter of the vinyl record surface. Their bright red colors suggest toys more than professional equipment. When we look at these red drums, we think of playing on them as a boy would play on toys, not in the manner of a professional drummer performing on his kit. Nor do we necessarily hear an organized presentation, but rather random bangings.

The music for this drum art is neither the hard hitting metal beat nor the smooth jazz groove. If music is to enhance this experience of a drum painting, it should resonate with ideas and feelings conveyed by the painting, or it should conjure some narrative about the painting. Drum sounds may well serve as the starting point, but more development needs to occur for the audio to achieve its purpose as music for art.

Perhaps we will set Holly’s “Drum” to a little tin whistle melody. We will sprinkle with toy drum hits here and there and add some children’s laughter in for good measure. Or perhaps our audio painting will go for that hard-hitting metal beat after all!

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