Midisparks Art Sales


Midisparks Art Sales values the privacy of its community members and guests.  We are committed to providing a secure online channel for the promotion of art and music.  We aspire to building a collaborative community which nurtures great work and generates art sales.  In the hopes of protecting these shared values, we have developed some basic rules of play:

1) Content on the site is used by permission only and will always be presented with appropriate credits to the creators.

2) The website design, logo, mascots and other elements which make Midisparks Art Sales unique are for the benefit and enjoyment of its artists and fans and may not be copied.

3) We need an email address to establish a member profile, but we don’t publish the emails of our members.  Members reserve the right to hide or show their email addresses in their personal profiles.  We may periodically make members aware of features on the site which may be of interest through email.

4) We value constructive collaboration and sharing.  We reserve the right to ban members who do not behave nicely.

We welcome feedback on the additional development of these terms of use.